How to get started with coding as a fresher


I wish the answer was something complicated but every person I have come across has had the same advice, and over the years, I understood why. They said, “Start anywhere and just keep on practicing”. Yes, that’s all. But before that, I’ll try to clear some doubts that every beginner has.

Which programming language should I start with? Well, there are many, to begin with, but you just have to pick one for yourself. Some recommended languages are C++, Java, and Python. If you’re highly interested in Development, you can pick JavaScript, although I don’t recommend it being the first language you learn.

If you already know a language, you can continue with it. Your programming language will not cause you any trouble. With time, you’ll find out which language suits you better, and it’s not hard to switch languages. ( In times of extreme confusion, if I may, I would suggest writing them on small chits and then picking a random chit. Absurd, but at least the programming language is finally decided).

What exactly should I start with? Once you know the basics of a programming language, just start doing easy problems from different coding platforms. You will learn more concepts as you encounter them in solving new problems. To start you must be familiar with the syntax of the language, input, output, conditionals, loops, and some basic data structures (like int, string array, etc).

One very important thing to learn is how not to get stuck on a problem. Sure some problems are worth more effort, but you need to learn how much you’re learning from that problem compared to the time you invested. Hence, spend your time judiciously.

Also, Google search is a necessary skill to know, so don’t shy away from googling every silly doubt that you have.





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